Focus T25: Day 4 - Alpha Ab Intervals

Thursday: July 4, 2013

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Thank goodness it's the 4th of July which means I didn't have to go to work today. That means I had a chance to wake up a little later to do my Focus T25 Alpha Ab Interval routine. I could definitely feel the difference doing this workout when getting 9 hours of sleep compared to just 6 hours.

After having some good rest, I tackled this workout at about 9:30 in the morning. Luckily I would say like 70% of the workout is on the ground so it gave me that rest to not do so much cardio but focus more on keeping the core tight in all the moves. It a way it reminded me of Insane Abs from Insanity. But the difference with this workout is that it focuses more on slow and control movements to help make the abs burn more than usual. As you progress into going into harder moves, you would perhaps go a little faster. Then at times when you can rest a bit, you stand up to do a job to get the heart pumping again or do some jump squats. Then you would hit the floor again and perhaps into plank related moves.

One of the most difficult moves I had to do was when going from plank and then bringing the knee to the opposite elbow, and then transitioning to a spider lunge, and then you start adding a pushup to those spider lunges which was really effective on the obliques which is what I really got to focus on more. And of course, you can just be doing ab moves without working the entire back. Without a strong lower back, you can't get a 6 pack. So you have moves like going from superman and then slowly bringing the elbows back to squeeze the shoulder blades. And you also get to do Rocketman which is basically holding a superman move but the arms are behind you. Which is more to me like Iron man instead.

But trust me, there are so many isometric moves here that are really challenging and you will have to take breaks. And to think you do not do a single crunch throughout the entire routine. Doing this workout once a week will really help to build towards that six pack and burning extra fat around the core.

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