TapouT XT: Day 6 - Sprawl And Brawl

Saturday: April 7, 2012

I'm done with my first week of TapouT XT and I gotta say that it does not disappoint. It goes above expectations and finishing up Sprawl and Brawl served a great finish for the week. This workout requires no resistance bands at all because it's all body weight. Going between punches, knee strikes, sit-ups, and explosive push-ups, it really does make wanna tap out. But hanging in their makes it worth that hour.

Sprawl and Brawl, what I can say. You really kicked my ass today. Another workout that leaves you drenched at the end. And because it's really hot today it just makes it even worse. But with more heat it just makes you burn more calories in my opinion. I really need to get wrist band that tracks how many calories you burned and what your heart rate is. It's always been in the back of my mind but this time I really gotta get one this month. I really want to see how much effort I put into my workouts.

I liked the rotations in this workout because it brought some interesting movements that I haven't done before. One set of moves I liked were some of the plank exercises since it works out the core. Like one simple one is going back and forth on your elbows and exploding into a plank. On moves like that, I always get the feeling I'm doing them wrong. I don't get a chance to see where your wrists need to be whether they should be under your shoulders or if your elbows have to be under your shoulders. The entire time I have my elbows underneathe my shoulders and when I explode up, I leave my wrists where they are which are far in front of me and it kills me as I use all my strength to go into plank. Perhaps that's the right way but I'm still not sure. It would be easier to explode up if my wrists were under my shoulders but then it would be hard to crawl back and forth that way. I'll have to experiment with that to see what works better. Than again, you don't get results being in the comfort zone. I just gotta make sure I don't injure myself doing it the wrong way.

Another move I liked was one called the pea rolls which is going from plank and down to your elbows doing that three times, turn to the side and punch three times. It was a new move that was pretty cool and it really worked out my shoulders and on my core. I think the next time I do that, I will lift my leg and hip into the hair when I do my three punches. MORE BURN! Then one of my favorite explosive moves that left my arms and shoulders shaking was the hop dive bomber push-up which is what it sounds like. As you go into the the dive bomb, you jump off the ground, land, and go back out lifting your butt up and hopping again. So in a way it's like plyo dive bomber push-ups. CRAZY!

So going between doing a lot of jabs, crosses, hooks, upper-cuts, elbow strikes, knee strikes, triangle sit-ups, and the last killer move which included falling push-ups to 8 mountain climbers, you'll be getting that heart rate up for sure and your body will be dripping in sweat. So that was the end of week 1 and it really got me pumped up to talk to the last 83 days of this intense program. I already feel my body is changing after just week 1.RIPPED CITY, BABY!

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