TapouT XT: Day 13 - Cardio XT

Saturday: April 14, 2012

First time doing Cardio XT and I felt so alive. This was really a fun workout that I enjoyed a lot. And it was a special occasion too because I bought a shirt today that got me excited to want to work even harder in this workout. And adding in the weighted gloves for this workout was icing on the cake that makes you work those arms out even more.

Cardio XT was a nice total body workout for me that incorporates moves we've seen in the past 2 weeks plus new bonus ones that just got me saying ... WTF?? One move in particular that I loved SO much was the one where your squating up and down like your swinging a rope, doing that five times, and then dropping down to a sprawl. I've seen football teams do that type of training using rope and I've always wanted to try something like that. What make this move really painful (but in a good way) though was having those weighted gloves because you're squating up and down really fast and swinging those arms up and down using every ounce of strength in your body. That my friends is one fun tough move.

Then another move that I didn't think I would love just as much was a special type of burpee. At first I saw burpee on the screen and I was just like ... fuuuucccck. I never was a fan of burpees and I don't think anyone is, but you'll love this one. So you drop down into a plank, do four knee strikes, pop up, and do two knee strikes, and repeat. I went at a really fast pace that I didn't really think I can do. And amazingly enough I did not get tired. Usually when doing regular burpees at a fast pace, I could only do like 25 until I burn out. But this special burpee has a total of 6 knee strikes which I think burns out more energy than just regular burpees. In the end I was just like ... wow ... did I just do that?

Then that killer move at the end. I think it was the second craziest one right behind the Grinder. There are three parts to the move where you sprint for 15 seconds, then do one arm mountain climbers for 15 seconds (when I first saw it I was like ... dammit I haven't done that since Asylum), and then do this prison oblique crunches which is kinda like wacky jacks from P90X but you have both hands behind your head and going side to side trying to get that elbow to reach the knee. That shit was CRAZY. And you have to do it twice! And I'm happy to say I didn't take a break for that move which was almost like 2 minutes and at the end I collapsed on my bed for like a second.

Another TapouT XT that will strengthen your body and make you sweat like a pig. And the thing that I always look forward to at the end of the workout, is the P90X Results and Recovery Formula ;)

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