TapouT XT2: Day 27 - Round 5 XT

Saturday: March 30, 2013

Who's idea was this? Really now what was that?? Yea of course Karpenko had to create something like this. TapouT XT2 Round 5 XT was certainly one hell of a workout because it was Mike's bright idea to make a workout that combines killer moves from TapouT XT1 and XT2. I thought it was an insane experience but in a way, it makes sense why it is only a 35 minute workout. I don't think I would have lasted doing killer moves that lasted an hour.

Round 5 XT is one of the bonus DVD's that came with the deluxe edition and it's definitely worth getting At first I thought I heard that Mike wanted to do all the Killer Moves from XT1 and XT2 into this one workout. But doing all those moves in just 35 minutes didn't seem right unless it would be a non-stop workout ... which would have been brutal. But it turned out that he was only going to do half of XT1 and half of XT2. Thank goodness. It was great to go back and do some old killer moves that I haven't done in so long. I forget some of the names but one of them was from Muay Thai where you do 4 elbow strikes, 2 punches, 4 elbow strikes, 4 knees, 4 elbow strikes, and 4 push kicks. Another was on the ground where you start on your knees and fall forward and do a pushup and then 8 mountain climbers and then pushing yourself back up to starting position. Then one that I always loved were the Karpenko curls where you lay on your back and use the XT band to do fast bicep curls for like 30 seconds and then 3 slow ones and then another 30 seconds of bicep curls. This was pretty difficult becaues my biceps were just burning.

Then Mike started doing some killer moves from XT2 such as the lateral hops with burpees whcih is always a pain when doing it for about a minute and a half. I was just out of breath by then because at first I was during tuck jumps just like how they were suppose to be. But instead I saw them just doing regular lateral hops which wasn't so bad. However my legs were still burning from all that hopping. Then luckily after that came a rest kind of move that I would call the easiest which is the killer move from Buns and Guns 2 where you do 10 curls, then 10 squats, 10 left static curls, 10 forward lunges, 10 right static curls, 10 reverse lunges, 10 alternating curls, and then 10 squat jumps. It was a good way to rest up. But it felt weird why we haven't done the grave digger or the grinder. But yea I spoke too soon. The grinder was the last move for Round 5 XT because it was pretty much the mother of all killer moves in XT1. And during the grinder I was taking several breaks because my shoulders and quads were killing me from the rest of the workout. But doing that many push-ups and tuck ins was just unbearable. I was losing form towards the end but I did all I could do to finish it all towards the end. I wonder if I'll ever do this one workout again. But I guess since it's only 35 minutes, it's a great workout to do if I don't have much time in my day and just want to squeeze in a quick workout.

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