Trainer Poster

Genre: RPG/Pet Simulation

Audience: Children ages 7 - 14

Funder: Trainer was independently developed by students of the University of Southern California and supported by a gift from Humana Inc.


A game inspired by Pokémon (Gameboy, Nintendo), Trainer gives Players the responsibility of caring for creatures who all have dietary and fitness needs. Unique to any other title currently on the market, the Player actually trains with the creatures. When one of the creature exercises, so does the Player! Both benefiting by this shared activity.

The primary goal of Trainer is to give players the opportunity to discover, seek and share health information. Through experiential learning, Players will quickly gain insight into how nutrition and fitness impacts their daily lives - removing many of the stigmas surrounding diets and exercising. Furthermore, through a customized gameplay experience, Players will be encouraged to exercise on a regular basis – attaining their fitness goals both in-game and in real life!

Additionally, Trainer achieves several "hidden" agendas – including (but not limited to) building healthy habits that will serve as a foundation for a healthy lifestyle and providing an enhanced sense of wellbeing and happiness.


Apps for Healthy Kids

Trainer had the honor of winning two awards from the White House as part of Michelle Obama's Apps for Healthy Kids competition. The awards included Grand Prize in the Games Category as well as the GE Healthyimagination Student Award. More information about the competition and the awards can be found at http://www.appsforhealthykids.com/application-gallery.